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Keane Foundation 20th Annual (2nd Virtual) 5K Run/Walk

 June 5-13, 2021




All of us from the Keane Foundation are thinking of you and miss you.

Fun for everyone! 

 Exercise can help boost your mental state as well as your physical health. In the spirit of social distancing and in replacement of this year’s Keane Foundation 5K,

 we encourage you to participate in our 2nd virtual Keane Foundation 5K.

A Virtual 5K (3.1 miles) allows you to participate wherever you would like. You can walk, jog, run outside or on a treadmill. The beauty of the Keane Foundation Virtual 5K is you can participate at your pace wherever you choose, between the dates of June 5th and 13th.  You are not limited to participating once. Complete a 5K as often as you can.

There are many ways to determine the 5K (3.1 miles) distance:

  • Wear a GPS watch or phone app if you have one.
  • Determine the distance by estimating your minutes per mile pace.
  • Go to the high school track and jog just over 12 laps (4 laps is 1 mile).

After you complete your 5K, fill out the attached participation form (also found on the Keane Foundation website, https://keanefoundation.org and mail it to Keane Foundation, PO Box 290742, Wethersfield, CT 06129.

Send us photos of your 5K to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you to our past 5K sponsors: Stop and Shop, Fresh Point, Wayne McPhee, and Kathy’s Urgent Care.

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Keane on Kids After School Enrichment Programs 2021




Virtual Field Trip” with Keane on Kids Enrichment and the Wethersfield School District

We are excited to share that the Keane on Kids Enrichment Program is partnering with the Wethersfield School District to bring "Virtual Science Field Trips” to all grade 5 students in January, during school hours.

Each Grade 5 class invites Andrea Aglieco, a popular Keane on Kids Enrichment facilitator, to teach Animal Adaptation lessons in a 60-minute block.  This fun and interactive program was developed to enrich the Wethersfield Public Schools  5th-grade Science and STEM curriculum in preparation for the Next Generation Science Standards test at the end of the year.

The Animal Adaptation classes were created by Andrea in collaboration with Ann Malloy, Curriculum Specialist with the Wethersfield School District. They will provide interactive, hands-on enrichment activities using trial and error experimenting - just like real scientists do! 

Students will be using simple materials that can be found in their own homes.

You can now find the Keane on Kids After School Enrichment program on Instagram and Facebook.  Find us on Instagram: @keane_afterschool and Facebook: Keane on Kids After School Enrichment Program

Caroline Fazzina

Director, Keane on Kids After School Enrichment Program

Watch for more to come on the Keane Foundation FaceBook page and on the Keane Foundation website www.keanefoundation.org.

Please remember those who are not as secure in food and learning and try to help them out with a donation or a kind word.  Donate online, with a check or items to the Wethersfield Food Bank at https://wethersfieldct.gov/social. Visit this link to make a donation or to choose the most needed foods.

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