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Wethersfield High School students visited the 911 museum the day after hearing from Mrs. Judy Keane during Mr. Sand’s Current Issues Class.  She talked about the loss of her husband Richard Keane in the North Tower on 9/11.

Students sent letters of thanks to Mrs. Keane, and shared their own feelings after their visit to the National 9/11 Museum:

“Your presentation was powerful and helped our class to have a better understanding ….we have learned a lot about 9/11 and your experience helped us to understand a different perspective”

“I have been to the 9/11 Memorial once before, but this time I felt like it was different.  I came with so much more knowledge and meaning….learning about someone who is from (my) town.  I did put water over Mr. Keane’s name, and made sure to say a little prayer.  I wanted to have more of a connection than just going and looking at the name.”

“You prepared me for what I would see at the museum, which was very helpful.”

“What you talked about was very helpful when I was in the Museum because I learned some things that helped ne understand the background of that day.  I believe that it is very important for us to learn about 9/11, and hearing about it from someone who was involved with it made it even more real.”

Students also reflected about the 9/11 Memorial Sports Center in Wethersfield:

“I volunteer with Special Olympics every winter, and the practices are held at the Keane Sports Center. Now the meaning behind the building is much more real and personalized to me after hearing your story.”

“Growing up and spending so much time in the Gym at the Sports Center playing Basketball was one of my favorite things to do, and now learning all of the history behind it and how it is so much more than a Sports Center was very meaningful to me.”

Watch the Video of the WHS Current Issues Class at the National 9/11 Museum thanks to WHS Blue Eagle Productions :

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