We are entering into our 3rd year of Keane Hands-on Learning, enrichment programming for Wethersfield Elementary School students.

Keane Hands-on Learning provides science-based enrichment “in-school field trips”, to all Wethersfield Elementary school children (about 1900 students).  Coming out of a pandemic, many students have been placed at risk, due to lack of services and have suffered learning loss.  Besides that, many students who were excited about school and learning have lost their enthusiasm.  The nature of our programs – hands-on, exciting, skill-building, and supportive; is just the thing to get students excited about learning.  Our program supports teachers who have been working through a pandemic to continue quality learning in a difficult and new environment.  By partnering with the Wethersfield School District, we will ensure our programs enrich the current school curriculum at every grade level as well as Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) all while bringing excitement with hands-on learning from an engaging instructor. 

We visit every classroom from Kindergarten to 6th grade throughout the school year ensuring equitable program delivery to every student.  Typical programs include; Forces, States of Matter, Soils, Dirt and Worms, and Engineering Design Process.  Lessons are about 45-60 minutes.   Materials will either be available in a typical classroom or provided by the program.   Our instructor works directly with teachers on scheduling and all details for the day.

We are excited to be able to continue this opportunity to deliver high-quality enrichment programming to the children in Wethersfield Elementary Schools and to be working in partnership with the Wethersfield School District.