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  • Keane on Kids After School Enrichment Program

    Keane on Kids After School Enrichment Program

    We are looking forward to getting kids involved with some really fun, hands-on enrichment!  As usual, if you have any ideas or if there is something you think your child would enjoy, feel free to reach out to us at We would like to encourage families to register online brochures are available only online…

  • Keane Hands-On Learning

    Keane Hands-On Learning

    We are entering into our 3rd year of Keane Hands-on Learning, enrichment programming for Wethersfield Elementary School students. Keane Hands-on Learning provides science-based enrichment “in-school field trips”, to all Wethersfield Elementary school children (about 1900 students).  Coming out of a pandemic, many students have been placed at risk, due to lack of services and have…