A Message from the Richard M. Keane Foundation President


The Richard M. Keane Foundation recently received a $300,000 Grant from the
State of Connecticut Bond Commission for an ARPA Grant, the American Rescue
Plan Act. This is (Funding to support organizations after COVID-19, providing
funding for worthy nonprofit organizations that lost revenue during the
pandemic). The grant must be used by the end of 2024, and we are hoping to spend every penny! It is a challenge to complete the mechanics of gathering information and submitting for reimbursement, but we are blessed to have Treasurer Mark Wallace and Program Director Caroline Fazzina who have the expertise and have spent untold hours with the application and submissions. Be careful what you wish for! This money now will allow us to carry on our programs in the future (before the ARPA grant it was probably 3-5 years, and now it will be more like 10 years), with successful new programs like the In-School Science programs that have been held in each Elementary School classroom this past school year. Hopefully, that will be back again this year for students to enjoy!
After School Enrichment Programs are not funded by the state or town, but paid
for by the Keane Foundation from donations and fundraisers (neither of which are
as plentiful as in the past!) We need your support to keep both going, to keep our
children engaged and learning in new ways during the critical after-school hours.
Consider PayPal for donations, the link is available on the website:
keanefoundaiton.org. Thank you for all of your past support, it is all greatly appreciated!

Judy Keane, President